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We’re currently planning our Watercooler Chats for the next year and recently asked our members what topics you would like to discuss and when would best suit you. The results are shown below. We have 83 members and had 13 responses; a 15.6% turnout. Low, but it still lets us see how to do our Watercooler Chats over the next year.

Day and time of our monthly SIG Watercooler Chats is changing

From October onwards, the chats will move to the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm CET (12 noon ET).

Agenda for the next three months

Based on member feedback for topics to discuss, the chats for October, November & December will be:

October 15 = Terminology management

November 12 = Prioritising and determining the ROI when internationalization technical content

December 10 = Getting started in and planning localization projects

Results of the survey


What type of work do you do? (More than one answer is possible)

Type of work                                Percentage

Technical writing in English           70%

Manage a documentation team    46%

Technical writing in a language
other than English                       31%

localization projects                    31%

Other                                         15%

Translation                                 7%

Which categories of topics would interest you the most for discussion? (Ranked in order of preference)

Localisation and translation issues

Internationalisation issues

Intercultural issues in the work environment

What’s your experience in internationalisation and translation?

Amount of experience      Percentage

More than 6 years           39%

No experience                 23%

Up to 3 years                  23%

3 to 6 years                    15%

What’s your experience in internationalisation?

Amount of experience      Percentage

More than 6 years           38%

No experience                 31%

Up to 3 years                  31%

3 to 6 years                    0%

What’s your experience working with intercultural issues?

Amount of experience       Percentage

More than 6 years            62%

Up to 3 years                   23%

No experience                  8%

3 to 6 years                     8%

What topics would you like to discuss in our chats? Proposed topics are listed below. Ranked in order of preference:

Documentation standards for global content

Developing a global strategy for your content

Terminology management

Impact of the business environment when producing content for a global market (e.g., mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing, virtual teams, organizational silos, cultural issues)

Metrics and localisation

Getting started in and planning localization projects

Localisation and agile

European Union directives and their impact on documentation

Working with English as a second language and with multiple versions of English

Regulatory/legal issues related to the European market

Translation memories Getting the most from them

Working with localization service providers

Topics proposed by respondents:

Translation management technology and workflow

Component content management in multiple languages

How to demonstrate ROI and priority of internationalization

Which day of the week would you prefer the Watercooler Chats to be held once a month?

Day of the week             Percentage

No preference                 54%

Wednesday                     39%

Tuesday (current day)     7%

What time of day would you prefer for the Watercooler Chats?

Time of day                           Percentage

18:00 CET (12.00 pm ET)      46%

17:00 CET (11.00 am ET)      39%

19:00 CET (1.00 pm ET)        15%